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New Braintree, Town of



About Us

Welcome to the town of New Braintree, Massachusetts.
In 1709, 6000 acres were granted to the residents of the village of ?Braintree Farms? .
Additional tracts of land which were formerly part of Brookfield and Hardwick were acquired
and in 1751 the town was incorporated as New Braintree.
Once occupied by a large contingent of Native Americans, the area became known for its
farms and bountiful harvest. By the late 18th century, New Braintree was shipping its
annual production of cheese, other dairy products and beef to Boston and had attained a high degree
of prosperity. Over 1,000 milk cows lived in New Braintree by the 19th century and the town
produced over 200,000 pounds of cheese annually. Townspeople worked as cobblers, carriage
builders and tool makers.
Today, this idyllic community is home to just over 1,000 people and the town has maintained its rural,
farming character, with one working dairy farm, a commercial
orchard and several prosperous produce farms.

Rep/Contact Info

Historical Commission
  • Phone: (508) 867-3673
Veteran's Agent
  • Phone: (508) 867-6994
Council on Aging
Board of Assessors
  • Phone: (508) 867-4467
James Ayotte
  • Phone: (508) 867-9237
Planning Board
  • Phone: (508) 867-2610
Town Clerk
  • Phone: (508) 867-4952
Conservation Commission
  • Phone: (508) 867-7193
Board of Health
  • Phone: (508) 867-6679
Building Inspector
  • Phone: (413) 477-8753
Dennis Letendre, Jr.
  • Phone: (508) 867-2059
Board of Appeals
  • Phone: (508) 867-3982
Treasurer Tax Collector
  • Phone: (508) 867-2581
Katie Tyler
Executive Secretary
  • Phone: (508) 867-2071