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Ye Olde Tavern

About Us

Ye Olde Tavern, built at West Brookfield in 1760, was a center of colonial life in Massachusetts. Here many men and lovely ladies of olden times were entertained, for the Tavern was located on the Olde Bay Path over which sped the stages from Boston to Albany.

George Washington was a guest on October 22, 1789, and made mention of his visit in his journal. President John Adams came in 1799 and in 1804 Jerome Bonaparte and his beautiful bride Elizabeth Patterson stopped here on their honeymoon. Lafayette was a guest in 1824, as was the Minister from the Netherlands somewhat later. An early guest was Daniel Shays, famous leader of Shays' Rebellion.

Some two hundred and fifty years later, Ye Olde Tavern is still extending hospitality and personal care on your most memorable events.


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Holiday decor
Valentine's pizza
Abby playing music
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