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Jay's Wicked - Gourmet Sauce

Jay's Wicked - Gourmet Sauce

About Us

We make small batch barbeque & hot sauces with all natural and local ingredients. We pride ourselves on creating quality flavors that we hope will become a staple in your household!

Currently we offer 6 flavors:

- Honey RazBQ - This is a sweet no heat Honey and Raspberry Barbeque.

- Barbeque - Our Original Barbeque is a smoky blend of spices that's full of flavor!

- Spicy Gold - This is a sweet Mustard based BBQ with a little kick at the end!

- Fiery Chipotle - This is the first of the hot sauces-Very Smoky deep flavor, great on tacos!

- Green Rocket - Fire Roast Jalapenos is where this tangy yet fresh hot sauce is at!

- Habanero - Basically...just Habaneros...need we say more?

We provide a fresh edible heat that will give your dish that extra something something it needed!

Check out our website to see our current retail and restaurant locations!


Honey RazBQ
Spicy Gold
Fiery Chipotle
Green Rocket
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